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E8 - Elisa Lam

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Elisa's Last Queued Tmblr Post - Somehow I find picture this and the way she was found oddly yet Artistically Interpretive

Netflix has made a recording of the "cecil hotel front desk" Very creepy. If you call, press all the options, even the ones not on the menu.

Video Montage of Elisa's Photos

What is up with the Invisibility Cloak Society? Click Here To Listen

Pictures of the Hotel - Credit to The Elisa Lam Facebook Discussion Group

& Holly from Holly's Haunt


See Elisa's Archived Tumblr

Prosecutor Files & Depositions

Elisa Lam Facebook Discussion Group

Weird Coincidences

LA Times Blog - Body Found

LA Times Blog - Resident Accounts

City Data - Weird Stay

Daily Mail - About The Cecil

List of Deaths @ The Cecil

Wikipedia - The Death of Elisa Lam

Autopsy Report

Elisa & Dahlia Similarities

The Elevator Game

Holly's Haunts Article

Jake Anderson - Author - Gone @ Midnight Article

CBC Article

8 Theories By Bustle

Lam-Elisa Tuberculosis Outbreak Theory

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